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Reverse Mortgage Florida

In order to enjoy the abundance and freedom that retirement has to offer, a reverse mortgage in Florida may be the perfect thing to help you fund your golden years. By pulling out some of your home equity that you have paid into, you can truly live a relaxed life on those white sand beaches while tapping into that money that you worked so hard to pay over the years. The way this works is if you plan on remaining in the home, you can apply for a reverse mortgage, which will pay you from your home equity either monthly or in a lump sum. If you would like to learn more about how the Florida reverse mortgage works, Phil Stevenson and his team at PS Mortgage Lending would be happy to help. 

Florida has become the staple of luxury retirement, and it’s no wonder with its white sandy beaches, tons of things to do, and its community of other retirees. Not only do people flock to Florida for rest in their older years, but tourism is at an all-time high in Florida, and for a good reason. Here are a few prime reasons why you can consider Florida for retirement:

  1.       Beaches

The white sandy beaches and warm climate are a great reason to get outside, and the sunshine is abundant here, with an average of 230 days of sunshine per year. Even in the winters here there is a considerable amount of sun, which will help you to get outside and get that much needed vitamin D in your older years. The coastline stretches all the way from the gulf coast to Atlantic Ocean which is approximately 1200 miles of world-famous white sand beaches. Who wouldn’t want to live out their days in paradise?

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    1.       Tourists

    Tourists flock here from all over the world to enjoy the serene atmosphere along the gulf coast. Not only does tourism improve the economy, but it gives incentives to keep attractions up and running which can be amazing for those who live there as well. This includes amazing restaurants, museums, concerts, galleries and many other go-to activities. No matter what your interests, you will find something you love to get out and do. Florida is home to the beloved Disneyland as well, so when they visit it will be fun for the whole family!

    1.       Retirement for seniors

    Seniors love it here not only based on the fun activities and endless things to do, but because Florida has high quality renowned health care. Florida also offers many tax breaks for seniors, and there are several outdoor activities to take part in that can help you stay healthy and age gracefully. This can include surfing, swimming, or even horseback riding. Florida has such a massive senior population that there are also many opportunities to stay connected in the community. There are many other transplants who are happy to get to know other seniors to engage in activities with, making retirement easy and fun.