Reverse Mortgage Miami

Miami is up there with the best places to retire and ranks fifth across the entire country. This is due to its affordability, health care, activities and quality of life, not to mention its white sand beaches that stretch across the gulf coast. 17.3% of Miami’s population is in retirement age, and this is the highest percentage of people over 65 years of age nationwide. So why is Miami a good place to retire?

Many folks in Miami look to escape the work hustle in their older years and spend their days basking in Paradise. A reverse mortgage may be the option you need to get the time to do the things you always dreamed of spending your time doing, and we have just the solution for you. Our top talent in Miami will help you figure out what exactly will fit your needs, and with the help of an expert in the field you will be able to determine if a reverse mortgage is the right fit for you. A reverse mortgage works by pulling out equity from your home that you have paid into for years and putting that money back into your pocket. It is a way to allow seniors financial freedom in their older years and allows for all those days on sunny beaches, at jaw dropping national parks, and enjoying all the attractions Miami has to offer. Owner of PS Lending, Phil Stevenson is 1 of approximately 150 Certified Reverse Mortgage Professionals (CRMP) in the United States

Below are a few reasons one might want to decide to stay in their Miami home and enjoy retirement:

  1.       Attractions

Miami is full of prime attractions for the senior community. Miami Gardens Senior Focal Point Center is one of many centers based on providing classes and recreational activities to the senior population, which can be great for building community and getting to know others in the area.

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    In the middle of the Architectural Historic District, you can take an Art Deco walking tour, and explore all the artistry this gorgeous town has to offer. If you are more into the outdoors, you can go to Oleta River State Park and take a nature walk. 

    1.       State Parks

    Miami is a great place to be if you enjoy exploring wildlife and it is surrounded by 3 major national parks. Here are our top favorites that are within driving distance to Miami itself:

    Oleta River State Park is a prime attraction for those who love the outdoors. There are wide open woods and a sandy beach with boating throughout the water. With the opportunity to kayak, paddle board or hike the opportunities are endless here at this nature lover’s retreat.

    Biscayne National Underwater Park is made up of 95% water, and lobster fishing is popular here. You can camp among the abundance of wildlife or take a tour that involves a shipwreck and snorkeling.

    1.       Beaches

    Whether you enjoy Lummus Park, Bal Harbour Beach, South Beach or Crandon Park, Miami is known for its warm water and white sand beaches, so you surely won’t be disappointed. Perhaps its most popular attraction is its 35 mile stretch of gorgeous beaches from South Beach to the tip of Sunny Isles, where you can bask in the warm sand and maybe even enjoy an ice cold drink. There are several islands dotting the Atlantic, and the oceans offer clear blue water to swim in.