Adapting to Changes in the Reverse Mortgage Program

The changes come to the reverse mortgage market are just around the corner but will you be able to adapt to them?

Change is part of life, it’s essential to keep life interesting and necessary because it presents new challenges for us to overcome and brand new opportunities to explore when things seem to be getting stale. The better we are able to adapt, the better we survive, and change is a way to keep us on our toes, always paying attention because it’s when we get comfortable that we are the most vulnerable.Not that there’s anything wrong with getting into a comfortable rhythm from time to time, but in the midst but what was the greatest financial recession since the GREAT one, our ability to adapt is becoming the most important asset in our arsenal of skills.In a video posted by Reverse Focus on June 28th, Shannon Hicks discussed the measurable portion of an individual’s adaptability, the Adaptability Quotient, which derives from five factors:


Work Flow


Decision Making


Strategy determines our goals, in the short and long term run, while our work flow demonstrates our ability to execution and achieve those goals in a reasonable time period. Innovation makes sure our ideas are constantly evolving and ahead of the curve while our decision making reflects our person ethics and values.

The most important factor–customers–show our ability to make sure customers’ unique needs are met.

The game is changing and like the zebra that gets taken down by the cheetah, we need to continue to run faster than those around us in order to continue to thrive. Resisting change is one way to go, stuck in the past, when everyone has moved ahead.At PS Financial Services, we are constantly innovating and working to the best of our ability to ensure our customers are satisfied. If a reverse mortgage is the right option for you, give us a call at (888) 845-6630 or click here to shoot us an email. We owe it to our clients to change for their benefit. We continue to adapt to the changes in the reverse program in order to serve you the best way we can.