Are You Productive or Counterproductive With Your Insanity?It might sound like a weird question but there is a certain truth to it. If insanity, by definition, is “doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results” then why can’t it be productive?

In the business, we are always look for the next big thing to help us create or pursue leads, but how productive are we in our endeavors?

In an article published by Reverse Focus, Shannon Hicks outlines two different types of insanity and how you can benefit from one, while crashing and burning from the other.If you suffer from productive insanity then you are on the right track. The symptoms include: a creative approach, a strong online presence and tenacious networking ability. If you think about it, it all makes sense. You keep doing the same thing expecting different results but you are doing it in a productive manner, where the person that stands to benefit the most from your strategy is you.

If you’re creative in the way you build your business, you are constantly ahead of the curve, always looking for the next big thing to help build a successful business.

In this is true, then you have a strong online presence in your arsenal because more people are going online to search for you, you have to be there when they do. Little by little, the internet helping generate leads more than ever, if you’re there when that happens, you have the potential to win more than ever before.

In the end, your creativity and online presence will help your tenacious networking ability, creating and reinforcing old and new alliances that will potentially help your business. Sometimes it’s all about who you know, so help others and they can help you in the future.

The other side of the coin, counterproductive insanity, is pretty much the same, except the results you are expecting will do little to help the success of your business. These are made up dreamy, lonely and unplugged agents.

The dreamers are those who are always waiting for the next big lead that will help their business grow. They aren’t trying to create leads, they just wait for the “lead fairy” to strike and hope that this time they make it big. It’s like the writer waiting for their muse to visit them instead of pounding away at their keyboard daily, for hours, trying to generate ideas.

The loners are those who lack the motivation to keep their business going. They are secluded and out of touch with their audience. Get out there as soon as you can!

The last group, the unplugged, are those who don’t take advantage of their resources. They are done and have learned everything they were supposed to learn. The business continues to change but they refuse to change along with it.

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