The myths are endless when it comes to the term broker:
  • They charge more for their services than the bank.
  • They are simply a “middle man.”
  • They are more limited because they don’t underwrite mortgages in house.
PS Financial Services, however, debunks those myths by offering lower, wholesale prices as opposed to the retail prices offered at banks.We also has more freedom than banks because they don’t have to adhere to one lender’s set of rules, they find the right lender and program to fit the needs of each specific client. In a bank, with a primary lender, the bank has to follow that lender’s established set of rules to “seal the deal.”Lenders also have overlays, which I know inside and out, meaning they have rules over the established rules of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). When speaking to clients, I can find what lender is right for you based on your personal situation.We make sure our clients’ needs are met in a fast, efficient and low cost manner.