Why would you refinance a reverse mortgage? Recent factors, such as current home value and FHA value limits, have changed, making it beneficial to refinance your reverse mortgage loan, especially if the value of your home has risen while value limits have lowered. ***The higher the value limit, the less money you receive even if you refinance.*** This is why it’s important to consider various factors before moving forward with a refinance. One way to look at it is: the principal limit increase vs. cost to refinance If your principal limit increases to $60, 000 vs. $6,000 in costs to refinance, then the only benefactor is you. However, if your principal limit is only $10,000 vs. $6,000 in costs to refinance, then it is not in your best interest to refinance. Refinancing your HECM loan is a way to boost your cash flow and have access to the equity your home as accumulated since you did your first reverse mortgage.  Recent factors, like the housing recovery gaining momentum and the extension of value limits on the reverse mortgage, have created a potentially beneficial environment for seniors looking to refinance their reverse mortgages. Refinancing your HECM loan is not for everyone, nor should it be, but there are homeowners who stand to gain from refinancing their HECM loan, they just have to be aware of market trends and current value limits vs. home values. If you are considering refinancing your reverse mortgage, think it over, consider these questions and, if you still want to refinance, give PS Financial Services a call at (888) 845-6630 or email us at info@PSReverseMortgage.com.