Changing the Way Baby Boomers Look at Retirement In the first annual meeting of the Aging in Place Council more than 90 people gathered for a two day conference this past June 13 and 14 in Washington, D.C. to discuss innovative ideas to continue to the aging in place movement full speed ahead. In an article by Marty Bell, discussing various ideas that were brought forth in the meeting, one of the talking pointing was motivation. We need to motivate seniors to safe guard their financial security for the future, not just when there is a crisis.In a previous blog post, which dealt with reverse mortgage as a source of Retirement Insurance, the biggest problem seniors are facing is off shooting how much retirement in an assisted living facility will cost. Not just for the seniors themselves, but also for their children or grandchildren who might be taking care of them. Not to mention the fact that will be have to move from the home they have known for years, where they build a life, a marriage, a family.The reality is, Americans are living longer than they used to be, and that is a factor many aren’t taking into consideration. If the retirement age is 65 and the average male is living 20 years over after that and the average female 22 years after, seniors need to focus on living comfortably for that time, without the hassle and stress of unexpected financial costs.Having to work part time after you’ve retired is by no means ideal, so why take the chance and let life catch you unprepared?Reverse Mortgages are a way to safeguard your future, your peace of mind and the peace of mind of your loved ones. It’s a time to enjoy and live off all you worked for in your younger years. At PS Financial Services, our focus is helping seniors continue to live comfortably even after they have stopped working. It’s time to realize living costs are going up and look at the options you have at your finger tips.