As a veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, I often wonder how many people truly view Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day for what they truly stand for: a day of recognition. Recognition for the veterans who have fought for our country and for what made this country the first truly independent country of the world.We were the first democracy of our kind–forged by the blood, sweat, and tears of the colonialists–who were tired of the tyranny that came with being a colony of the European Monarchy. Their fustration and indignation created what would become one of the greatest nations in the history of our world.Tthe 4th of July celebrates not only their success, but ours as well, because we have inherited this country and all the principles and values that come with being an American citizen.We are about to sit back and relax amidst bright fireworks, barbecues and beach parties (without oppression) because many people before and after us protect the freedoms upon which this nation was built on.It is a day that helps us remember that insulting our country’s leaders for the decisions they make is a concept that is only about 200 years old. And, of course, don’t ever forget those who have lost their lives in preservation of our freedom, as their sacrifice is the greatest sacrifice one could give.  They gave their lives for YOU, someone they didn’t even know!HAPPY DAY OF OUR NATION’S INDEPENDENCE FROM TYRANNY AND OPPRESSION!