This month, we arrived to really solid ground, regarding mortgages at least. Refinancing opportunities for people who originated their mortgage in 2018 are looking good. A vast quantity of last year’s mortgages are currently carrying rates 0.75% higher than today’s average rate, which is now at 3.49%.

New data shows that more than half of US mortgagees have their mortgage locked above the prevailing rate. Refinancing would be the answer, but strange as it may be, mortgage refinance is looking at negative numbers in its activity. Truth is, if it weren’t for some predominant factors, shaving these rates would be easy as pie. General economic uncertainty might be the main reason why we don’t see those refi numbers spike up, but this is heavily tied to a lack of financial literacy. Taking for granted that a lot of these 2018 mortgagees are new to finance practices (most of them being millennials), we know for a fact that misinformation, or the lack of information as a whole, is a big factor when talking about mortgage activity, specially refinancing.

I encourage anybody out there to check their current rate, be it to refi or just to stay in contact with your mortgage’s current status, but mainly, to have some idea of the changes that take place during periods of uncertainty, like the one we are currently going through.

Really, there’s no need to worry! Let’s talk it out, I assure your doubt and uncertainty will vanish after you take a look at your mortgage status with your own eyes. Let me explain the small print, I’m here to help with all of your questions.