The retirement expectations of middle income Americans are changing. The preconceived notion that Social Security and Pension funds will be enough to sustain a comfortable retirement is falling by the wayside.A survey, published in Reverse Mortgage Daily, conducted by the Center for Secure Retirement, however, demonstrates that, while most Americans are aware of the current situation, few have taken the steps necessary in order to prepare themselves for retirement.Out of all the people surveyed, roughly between the ages of 49 and 67, only 8% have a detailed plan laid out for their retirement while 72% have no plan at all and 20% have at least a rough outline for what their retirement income will consist of.In truth, even if things are changing fairly quickly, consumers aren’t changing as fast as they should be. Many sites suggest consumers should start saving from their first job till their retirement, if only to build in the habit of saving and not spending.This seems unrealistic.However, without any sort of plan laid out for the future, it’ll be next to impossible to determine how much a retiree will need in order to retire comfortable. Most of the retiring population seems to be heading in that direction unless they course correct.In addition, 82% said that they wish to age in place and receive care in their homes while 30% stated they’d want to live out their retirement in an independent living community.Even though many wish to age in place, retiring communities are becoming a regular stable of future retirement plans. A sense of community with people of the same age group and the same set of values can go a long way in making future retirees feel welcome.Most importantly, middle income Americans have begun to look at their retirement, not as the end of a journey, but as the beginning of their next stage in life. In fact, many believe they will be more active and satisfied during their retirement.It’s interesting to see that, while retirement planning becomes increasingly important less people are willing to think about their retirement plans.Retirement is no longer about removing yourself from the world but about embracing it with a new wisdom, making the most of it. Times are changing for retirement and retirement planning, it’s time we adjust our expectations, no matter the situation.Interested in a reverse mortgage or simply have questions? Give PS Financial Services a call at (888) 845-6630 or email us at We do not pressure those who inquire. We are simply here to help.