Judd Brown, MSW, CRMP Mortgage Loan Originator; Reverse Mortgage Specialist  Judd offers creative, personally tailored mortgages. Judd was established around the concept of “value-driven” client relationships. Judd is aware that his success depends on you, and his business model is as simple as that. Judd believes that his client’s liabilities need to be managed in the context of their individualized capital liquidity needs, in addition to their long-and-short term financial goals. Judd offers his clients the best possible rates and unparalleled service in the business. He maintains utmost integrity in all transactions and makes no compromise in representing his client’s best interests at all times. Judd is not only a Mortgage Loan Originator, but has been in Law Enforcement since 1992. Judd felt the need to be able to not only connect with people that he encounters throughput his day but have a deeper understanding of their needs. For this reason, Judd recently graduated with his Masters in Clinical Psychotherapy/Social Work. Having the tenacity to complete a degree such as this one takes discipline and effective time management. This shows in the dealings Judd has with his clients. Former State of Florida Mortgage Broker Instructor  Knowledge, experience, and his constant commitment to meet and exceed the clients’ expectations have allowed unmatched growth and performance in our industry. Judd was a former Professor for the largest Real Estate school in Florida teaching the State of Florida approved Mortgage course. Judd taught the 24-hour State required Mortgage Broker class, Mortgage Broker cram, Foreclosure class, and Now That I Have My Mortgage Broker License, What Do I Do With It? All that expertise is not, however, what makes Judd different from all of the other mortgage companies out there. Judd is what makes PS Financial different. His approach to anything he does is to exceed all apparent possible expectations. Every customer is treated with this in mind: “How would I like to see this loan handled if it were my own transaction?” The answer to this question defines the caliber of service he and his staff delivers. No matter how large or how small your transaction, you can count on Judd to provide you with the type of service Judd would demand if it were his own. To this end, Judd will provide direct answers to your specific requests, as well as insights Judd may gain during the analysis process. No question is left unanswered. Bottom line; Judd will evaluate your loan situation, review your loan options, and help you understand the entire process from pre-qualifying to closing. You will never be left alone. Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional “CRMP” Designation:   Being one of only 120 or so people nationwide to have achieved this milestone is a testament to my commitment to reverse mortgages.  The process involved to receive this professional designation was long and arduous and adds to the level of expertise maintained by the firm and myself.