Reverse Mortgage Program Company in FloridaEver considered a Reverse Mortgage Program? If you have, the time to act is NOW!The Reverse Mortgage Program is an available tool for senior homeowners, 62 years of age or older, which occupy the property as their primary residence.What makes the Reverse Mortgage Program different from other mortgages?The borrower does not have to make monthly payments on the mortgage as the interest and service fees build up over time. Also, there is no income or credit requirement allowing those who own a home with equity, but have bad credit or a poor income, to be eligible for a reverse mortgage program.In what ways can you Reverse Mortgage Program?

It can be used to pay off an existing mortgage and therefore eliminate monthly mortgage payments.

To cover health expenses or renovations in the primary residence.

Or to provide cash on hand for surprise expenses.

Baby boomers (approx. 50 to 64 years old) make up the largest group in our country and many lost over half their savings during the recession or did not save properly. The reverse mortgage program is one option to get them back on the right track for retirement without affecting those they leave behind.Check out these real life testimonials about homeowners who have opted to get a reverse mortgage and continue to live with the benefits without the misconceptions.At PS Financial Services, a Reverse Mortgage Program company in Florida, we are committed to finding the best Reverse Mortgage Program for you. Contact us at (888) 845-6630. There is no pressure for those inquire.