Reverse Mortgages Make Retirement Plans Easier Thanks to New Software IBIS Software has developed two new software platforms for both loan original and financial planners which will allow them to input reverse mortgages into retirement portfolios based on the 6% rule. The 6% rule is an upcoming trend in retirement planning, based on the original 4% rule, which states that a person planning for a 30-year retirement, whose portfolio is invested at least 50% in equities, can withdraw 4% of their initial portfolio value in the first year and increase those withdrawals according to cost of living changes. If executed correctly, and if the portfolio performs well in the first few years, then a person (or couple’s) “spending success” can increase by up to 90%. The 6% rule states that a retiree can withdraw up to 6.0 of their portfolio in their first year, on a 30 year spending projection, and still have a spending success ranging from 88 to 92 percent. This is because a reverse mortgage can supplement a retiree’s retirement portfolio. For example, a retiree who has scheduled term payments will have a considerable monthly cash flow boost that will give them plenty of breathing room should their cost of living increase without having to sacrifice their retirement plans. IBIS Software’s new programs will give its user the ability to determine how a reverse mortgage will boost their clients’ portfolios. There is no more maybes or “guesstimates.” Financial planners can now determine, specifically, how their client will benefit from a reverse mortgage in the long run. Even more important, the program is up to date on the most recent reverse mortgage changes, so that financial planners and their clients can get the most recent information and adjust plans and strategies accordingly. In addition, the program boosts access to various types of reverse mortgages, including the fixed and adjustable rate reverse mortgages, all of which are insured by FHA. While the program is still fresh off the presses, it’s a development that will make the lives of loan originators, financial planners and consumers a lot easier. With a few clicks of a button, financial planners can give their clients the most up to date information, accurately determining how much a reverse mortgage will improve their retirement (and spending success) in the future. Interested in a reverse mortgage or simply want more information? Give PS Financial Services a call at (888) 845-6630 or via email at