In an unsurprising move, the CEO of Carnival Cruise Line Corp., Micky Arison, is stepping down leaving former director, Arnold W. Donald, in charge. This comes on the heels of various Carnival Cruise Ship disasters that have plagued the company since Feburary–the “cruise from hell” at the Carnival Triumph that left 4,000 passengers and crew members bobbing at sea for several days, technical difficulties on the Carnival Dream where passengers were flown home in the middle of their trip and two missing passengers on the Carnival Spirit.Very much like the tourism sector, the business of a mortgage broker depends highly on the reputation you establish with consumers and fellow brokers. It’s about networking and giving each customer the best price and option for their situation. It’s also about building trust in your client that you will be there for them and nothing them bobbing at sea with any electricity to guide them.You have to sell yourself, the person you are, before selling your products.Psychology Today offers several tips on how to build trust between yourself and clients. The funny thing is these tips fall under daily behavior associated with human decent such as respect, honor and responsibility.The biggest factor when dealing with a client is respect and always using the Golden Rule. It will provide a solid foundation on which to foster a new relationship.The second is responsibility. Be responsibile, not just in keeping your appointments and doing what your promised, but also accept when you dropped the ball. Blaming others is easy, accepting a mistake is hard, sure, but it’s the those who are responsible that leave a lasting effect.Be self-aware and reflect on how your actions affect others around you, who aren’t as knowledgable or are completely in the dark. Consideration for others goes a long way in building a solid broker-client relationship.In the same way, it’s important to be honorable in your intentions. No one likes to be taken advantage of and at PS Financial Services, we are committed to this philosphy, making sure are clients receive all the information onreverse mortgages necessary for them to make an informed decision as well as matching up the product that best fits each consumer’s needs.Lastly, plan ahead and understand the importance of working together and the interconnectivity of everything around us. Like John Donne said in Meditation XVII, “no man is an island.”