It doesn’t always happen but it can. You are becoming increasingly impoverished during retirement under the crushing weight of mortgage payments, medical bills and other unexpected expenses. You consider a reverse mortgage because you are 62 years of age and older, live in your primary residence and have enough equity in your home in order to qualify. One problem though, your spouse donesn’t qualify for the reverse mortgage.


They are younger than 62. 

They are younger than you are, possibly affecting the amount of money you are eligible to receive.


One possible solution is…you can go ahead with the loan application and remove your spouse from the title of the house so that only you apply for the reverse mortgage. However, you both must be aware of the consequences if the non-borrowing spouse should outlive you because they will be responsible for paying off the loan to the lender, either by selling the house or some other means. Safeguards have been put in place, such as reverse mortgage counseling, in order to rise awareness. Another solution is…to get a life insurance on the older spouse so there are enough funds to cover the reverse mortgage loan should the borrowing spouse pass away. While possibly expensive, in the long run, it might be a saving grace for non-borrowing spouses who wish to say in their homes. The final solution is…to simply wait until both spouses qualify for the reverse mortgage. Granted, your financial needs aren’t too pressing and future regulations on the reverse mortgage don’t change current program requirements.

***Future regulations don’t affect reverse mortgages already in place but do affect those who planned to get a reverse mortgage but have yet to get one, , which is why I suggest not to wait.****

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