Who knew your home was guarding a secret? A secret that can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and a less-than-perfect retirement?One that could help you downsize during retirement or offer retirement security in the future.In truth, your house has been less than honest with you and it’s time to take full of advantage of your biggest financial asset to help you during retirement.What am I talking about? A home equity conversion mortgage loan, frequently called, a reverse mortgage.Why is it reverse? Well, because you don’t have to make monthly payments on it as long as you live in your primary residence.Why even consider a reverse mortgage? Flexibility.The reverse mortgage program has it and it can easily adapt to most of the financial situations baby boomers are currently facing, helping them through difficult financial times or helping them plan for anything, and everything, in the future.Simply put, a reverse mortgage is as close to an all-inclusive solution as you can get and without having to go elsewhere and break the bank to obtain it.Need more incentives? You still own your home even if you get a reverse mortgage.In addition, your heirs aren’t financially responsible for the difference if the loan exceeds the current value of your home. FHA insures the reverse mortgage. Therefore, any difference is covered by them, not your heirs.A reverse mortgage can also help you upgrade or downsize…It just depends on what you need.If you’ve been on the fence about applying for a reverse mortgage, because you think you’re situation will render you unable to qualify, the time to wait is over.In fact, the longer you wait, the less you will potentially receive under the upcoming reverse mortgage program changes.Now that the secret’s out, it’s time to consider how you want to spend your retirement. A reverse mortgage can help, so use it to your advantage before the new changes are implemented.At PS Financial Services, a reverse mortgage company in Florida, we offer all the reverse mortgage options available for a retiring or retired senior homeowner. Make sure your retirement is liberating, not suffocating.Give us a call at (888) 845-6630 or send us an email at  info@PSReverseMortgage.com. We do not pressure those who inquire, we are simply here to help.