Bang the Pots and Pans For the Heat If you were on Bird Road when the Miami Heat took the NBA championship for the second time in a row, proving, once again, why they remain one of the best teams to ever grace the NBA in recent years, then you heard a lot of pots and a lot of pans. In a preclude to the Miami Heat Parade 2013 through downtown Miami, which culminated in an invite-only rally for season ticket holders in the American Airlines Arena, the unique Miami culture took to the streets to celebrate by banging pots, pans and even cheese graters with anything they could find, from spoons to bare hands. The pots and pans didn’t always mean celebration and happiness, however, as they have come to be known after a Miami team wins, but despair. In a article by Channel 7 news, the pots and pans used to mean a hunger strike, first in Cuba in the 1960s and then in Chile in the 1980s when housewives would take to thes streets banging empty pots and pans to signify the fact that they got no food. In recent years, hunger is the last thing on the minds of fans except, maybe, for La Carreta, where fans united to celebrate the Heat for the second year in a row. Who made the most noise though–Bird Road, Little Havana or Hialeah–depends on who you ask. In the end, we’re all fans and together, pan in hand, we banged together. Reverse Mortgage Miami