Death & the Reverse Mortgage

Everyone, mortgage nerd here. So I had two clients pass away on me very recently. Just found out about one. The other passed away Monday. You know, one was an actual person in process. The other is someone that I’ve closed three times over the years. And it’s jumbo reverse mortgages. We’re talking high value 4 to $8 million properties. And the one in process I’ve been working with since February. This video’s not about like my business and my income and stuff like that. It’s more about the personal side of things. You know, you develop a relationship with these people, especially in reverse mortgages where you spend a lot of time, you’re talking about their largest asset for the most part. They’re towards the end of their lives, and they lean on me for a lot, tell a lot of stories, we laugh a lot. So I’m a little emotional, and I’m not “crying” emotional, but it’s, you know, introspective. Dealing with thousands of people over my career with reverse mortgages, I’ve learned a lot, learned a lot about life, the way people think, the way people live their lives, their regrets, their accomplishments, their health issues. It’s tough. It’s tough. You know, I’ve been through it. My mom passed away when I was a young adult and was sick most of my childhood. So I could relate to the daughter that I’m dealing with, whose mom just died, on Monday, who’s, she’s more my age. The other one, mom was in her 90’s, and I’ve been dealing with the daughter and she’s in her 60’s, I think. You know, so I mean, that’s more acceptable, I guess you could say. But, to have her still call me and lean on me for advice through the process and then to be able to share things like, you know: “Hey, at least, you know, you’re gonna have a lot of time freed up here soon”.  You know, like: “You’re gonna put this behind you soon”. And she’s like: “Oh, yeah, yeah, I’m looking forward to that”. You know, there’s a lot of things you relate to. Mortgage people joke that we’re like therapists to our clients and, and sometimes you are, and especially when you’re dealing with the reverse mortgage. So it’s, it’s a unique time in that two of these types of clients that I’ve spent a lot of time with have passed away, very close to each other. You know, so I just wanted to share kind of the emotion behind that. Mortgage Nerd out.