Florida tops southern states in the life expectancy and healthy life expectancy of older Americans aged 65 years of age and older, according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via Reverse Mortgage Daily.Females fared better than males with an average life expectancy of 21.7 years and a healthy life expectancy of 16.4 years, while males had an average life expectancy of 19.0 years and a healthy life expectancy of 14.3 years.

On average, Florida was the best southern state to retire for both males and females, sometimes even topping northern states like North Dakota, Ohio and Michigan, according to this state-specific healthy life expectancy at age 65 years chart.

The CDC also took into account factors such as health care services, preventative treatments and healthy living environments and behaviors in their final report, signaling an initiative to improve living conditions for retirees in states that didn’t show as impressive results.

Florida’s results, however, demonstrate that Florida continues to be one of the best states to live in during retirement.

As a reverse mortgage broker in Florida, I have to say I am very proud of living in Florida. While other southern states, like Mississippi, reported a healthy life expectancy of 10.1 years for males and 11.4 years for females, Florida continues to thrive when it comes to retirement.If you currently live in the state of Florida, the time is now for a reverse mortgage. If you are 62 years of age and older, live in your primary residence and have enough equity in your home, you can apply for a reverse mortgage before Congress potentially begins to tighten the belt on consumer guidelines by the end of the year.In order to live comfortably during retirement, with a higher life expectancy, consider a reverse mortgage. You spent most of your working years making monthly mortgage payments, it’s time to reap the rewards of your investment in order to secure a comfortable retirement.

Plan ahead so your retirement (in Florida) can go as smoothly as possible.

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