Dennis Skinner was heading to foreclosure. He looked to a reverse mortgage to pay off his mortgage and continue to live in his home during retirement. He began to the process with Wells Fargo Bank in February 2009 but just a few months later, in September, Wells Fargo announced that they would be unable to give Skinner the enough money to pay off his mortgage with his lender at the time, GMAC Mortgage. In addition, Wells Fargo told Skinner that no company would be able to help him, no matter where he tried. When he came to me, Phil Stevenson, owner and broker at PS Financial Services, however, we were able to get a new (and higher) appraisal than Wells Fargo offered so that he could qualify.

PS Financial Services was able to do what Wells Fargo had said they couldn’t do and no one else could do either.

During retirement, Skinner can now live in his house, free of mortgage payments and without the fear of foreclosure for the rest of his life.

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