Reverse Mortgages are a way to gain financial freedom and stability in the current financial climate. A married couple, 62 years of age and older, who live in their primary residence and have enough equity in their home can qualify for a reverse mortgage. While the easiest way is for the couple to apply and sign for a reverse mortgage together as homeowners on title, there are ways to qualify for a reverse mortgage even when one spouse doesn’t qualify for as a borrower for a reverse mortgage. An individual lender policy, enacted on February 19, 2013, as a safeguard for senior households with both a borrowing and non-borrowing spouse, this new policy ensures homeowners are aware of the rules and regulations when applying for a reverse mortgage. Very few companies still offer Reverse Mortgages for Non-Borrowing Spouses (NBS). As per the new requirements, a non-borrowing must sit down with a licensed attorney, who will explain that upon the death of the borrowing spouse, relocation of the borrowing spouse from the primary residence, poor maintenance of the Property and the inability to keep up with payments on Property taxes, insurance, HOA/Condo or any other property charges, the loan must be fully repaid and the lender may foreclose on the property and evict all residents, including the non-borrowing spouse. This does not effect the existing requirement that all non-borrowing spouses attend Home Equity Conversion Mortgage counseling and submit a signed counseling certificate. These new regulations ensure smoother transactions for all those involved. At PS Financial Services, a reverse mortgage company in Florida, we are here to help you take the plunge into your financial security during retirement when it is beneficial to YOU.  We DO offer NBS Reverse Mortgages. Give us a call at (888) 845-6630. We do not pressure those who inquire nor is there an obligation for our services, we are simply here to help.