Reverse Mortgages Don’t Have to Be a Last Resort Loan It’s true the reverse mortgage has often been seen as last ray of hope for senior homeowners drowning in mortgage payments, unexpected medical charges, and miscellaneous expenses. In truth, the reverse mortgage is anything but, proving financial security even to seniors who are and continue to be financially conscious. The reverse mortgage isn’t a last resort always and forver, sometimes a reverse mortgage is an insurance policy, an extra cash flow “just in case” or an umbrella on that fateful rainy day. The sad truth is senior homeowners don’t take full advantage of what the reverse mortgage can offer until the final moment when they either take the plunge or risk losing their house. In an article published in US NEWS January 2012, author Philip Moeller talks about the potential of reverse mortgage and the fact that it is still being underutilized despite being a source of steady cash flow for seniors in an economic climate where Americans are unprepared for retirement and have yet to consider rising life expectancy rates. The retirement train is leaving the station and many are getting left behind because they haven’t taken the time to educate themselves and consider the possibily of a reverse mortgage, even if you are financially stable. Consider your savings account for example, do you only start saving when you have financial troubles? No. You start saving from the beginning, just in case an unexpected expense comes along. The reverse mortgage is the same thing. With the many options available to you if you are considering a reverse mortgage in the present or near future, it’s time to invest in that rainy day savings account. At PS Financial Services, an independent reverse mortgage company in Florida, we are able to offer personalized service to all our clients in order to find which plan best works for them under their current circumstances. Before considering any of these retirement options, consider a future where your finances are in order and your heirs have peace of mind during your retirement. We are just a call or click away at (888) 845-6630 or