In August 2009, Tom and Patty Harrison began their search for a reverse mortgage 6 months before Patty would turn 62. Tom was suffering from kidney failure and was forced to retire. Patty had to quit her job in order to take care of Tom and their monthly mortgage payments kept putting undue stress on their already complicated situation.The Harrisons wanted to keep their house, however, but it seemed less and less likely that they would even be able to pay it off, much less take out money for Tom’s medical expenses.Even as many turbulent reverse mortgage changes began to take shape, PS Financial Services continued to offer the highest appraised value. Along with a team of carefully selected and trained professionals and some out–of-the-box thinking, PS Financial Services was able to help the Harrisons pay off their mortgage and receive 40,000 dollars in disposable income, for their retirement and medical expenses.

This was $10,000 more than originally quoted over 6 months before.

PS Financial Services continue to demonstrate that perseverance and hard work paid off. Thankfully, we were able to provide them with some much needed peace of mind in their later years.

***Check out Tom and Patty Harrison’s Story***

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