Taking Advantage of Time ManagementTime is one of the few things that stops for no one. As much as we may want time to hold up for just one second and give us a chance to breathe, it never happens. Daylight Savings Time helps–when it gives us one hour–but everytime we have to set that clock forward, a sinking feeling sets in. The feeling that time, our precious time, has been wasted and it will never be given back.Taking into consideration how much time we waste in the day–from mindlessly exploring the internet on our phones to that job we had in high school and college that went nowhere to the daily traffic jam–it becomes crucial to know how to manage your time as best you can.In last Friday’s Food For Thought on Reverse Focus, Shannon Hicks, seperates how we spend our time into two categories: planning and choices. Planning falls under things we must do everyday like sleep and, of course, work. These are the basic functions of our lives because without sleeping and eating we don’t have the energy to work. And we need to work. Choices is more personal and determined by how we want to spend our down time when we are not doing these things.Hicks’s suggestions are good: setting up a treadmill and excercising while watching T.V. or pre-preparing meals in the weekend so preparations during the week run smoother and faster. However, multitasking is no always simple and might have detrimental consequences on our brains in the long run.The key, I think, is to  dedicate your time to each activity during the day and enjoying everything you do. If you like excercising, but a treadmill is not enough, going to the gym or for a run outside might be more your style and there is no time wasted because you are doing something you love. If your idea of fun is watching episode after episode of a television show on your day off, do it, after all, when we do things we enjoy, there is no opportunity to feel our time has been wasted doing anything.Interested in a reverse mortgage to get the most out of your retirement time, let us know at PS Financial Services.