NOREN-DARKSIDERSYou are a soldier who opens his eyes in the midst of darkness. The castle you have to protect is completely buried in corruption, fear of a creature that you have not seen before has penetrated you, and you have become unable to even see. If a few hours ago everything was fine, now you don’t understand how it all happened. Despite the pressure on you, you must look ahead and do your duty.Visit the website for more amazing 3d games: skidrowcodexNOREN is a simple key finding game. The game’s map is made up of several different regions, and some of these regions have special gameplay mechanics other than searching for keys. Some functions trigger each other, so you have to guess the correct sequence of actions. Any changes you make will affect the end of the game. Despite the creatures scattered around, you have to do all this in a dark atmosphere, with a lantern that slowly goes out, and keep your sanity.


  • Game Title: NOREN
  • Game Genres: Adventure, Indie, Simulation
  • Game Developer: ThroneLab
  • Publisher: ThroneLab
  • Release Date: January 04, 2023
  • FILE SIZE : 789 MB