Back in April, Reverse Focus did a video on “The Survival of the Largest?” which look at how smaller brokers and lenders are dealing with the fierce storm coming their way now that the Standard-Fixed Rate HECM has been eliminated by the Federal Housing Administration, which regulates and insures the Reverse Mortgage Program. This is just one of the many changes coming to the reverse mortgage business. Another came just last Wednesday, June 19, when the Federal Reserve stated that it will continue to buy bonds, at a pace of $85 billion per month, but could also stop buying bonds altogether in order to test if the economy can stand on its own. The decision comes on the heels of the current employment figures, which demonstrate a positive outlook, as well as future employment projections. The premature decision, however, has caused widespread consequences, sending secondary markets into a downward spiral, and marking a downward shift in broker pricing. In truth, change is part of life and you have to roll with the punches. The amount of changes and regulations plaguing the smaller reverse mortgage broker, however are causing some to consider consolidating and joining larger lenders in the fight to stay afloat. While this might present an attractive solution for some, a bigger lender also implies less room to maneuver when looking for the best option for your client. One of the benefits of being an independent broker at PS Financial Services is that we have more options available because we work with various lenders, not just one, which allows us the freedom to look for lenders that fit your situation, not the other way around. Also, we deal with clients one-on-one and make sure that you deal with one person who oversees the procession of you loan from the initial consult to closing and funding. As a smaller broker, you are more than a file lost in the shuffle of a big lender because our service is always PERSONALIZED. We are just a call or click away at (888) 845-6630 or